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We’ve amalgamated the MDDCDance website, blog and social media in one handy place. This blog will no longer be active and all new posts and information will be at our new website – you can visit it here

Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre

It’s not quite finished yet – but when it is the MDDCDance website will be full of information about your favourite dance training centre!

Zumba Class in Liverpool


Adult Zumba Class in Liverpool

Zumba ClassZumba classes for adults have begun in our Liverpool studios. Be a part of a brand new fitness and dance regime that’ll blow you away.

Fusing Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves, the brand new Zumba fitness dance craze that is sweeping the nation is now available in our Liverpool dance studios.

The fully qualified MDDC Zumba specialist will take you through fast and slow rhythms and resistance training that will sculpt and tone your body, burning calories and infuse a hot Latin flavour into your Tuesday nights!

Find out more about the ADULT ZUMBA CLASS in LIVERPOOL by calling 0151 207 6197 or come down to the studios:

13-17 Camden Street, Liverpool, L3 8JR


The end of another year

Exams are pretty much over as the graduating class of 2010 gets ready for their ceremony tomorrow.

Congratulations to all the third years who are leaving after their (arduous!) three years of training. And already there’s good news.

Rose Buckmaster started dancing at the age of four. She chose to come to MDDC for the wide range of subjects to qualify as a dance teacher. And before she’s even graduated there is a job lined up in Majorca that will kick-start Rose’s dancing career.

Alyssa Stott is off to Egypt with Dolce Vienna Entertainment. She started dancing as soon as she could walk and says that “MDDC is the best for dance teaching and dance performance training”.

We wish all the third years the very best as they start their dance careers. Don’t forget to keep in touch and let us know what you get up to!

It’s Showtime!

Time to hit the stage – the first public appearance for MDDC‘s 1st years.

The Annual Lord Mayor’s Charity Show is on Wednesday 17th March 2010 at 7.30pm at the Crosby Civic Hall

Tickets are selling fast – so call us now on 0151 207 6197.


The Stage is set....are you coming to watch the show?

How to Make a Ballet Bun

A step-by step guide to making the perfect Ballet Bun.

Girls in all ballet classes must wear their hair in a neat and tidy classical bun. The Ballet Bun keeps hair from flying in a dancer’s face. It also creates a clean, elegant line for the dancer.

Follow these steps to make the perfect bun.

Materials Needed

  • Hairspray or gel
  • Hair pins
  • Thin bobble
  • Comb and brush
  • Hair net – ideally the same colour as hair this is a fine net with elastic edges

How to Make a Ballet Bun

Gather the hair and pull it back into a ponytail. Apply hair gel if you need more control over the hair. Form a pony tail by brushing the hair up from the jaw line to the top part of the back of the head. This will form a high bun. The placement of the ponytail determines the placement of the bun.

How to Make a Ballet Bun 1

A tidy ponytail with hair drawn snugly back is the key to making a good ballet bun.

Twist the ponytail.

How to Make a Ballet Bun 2

Coil the twisted ponytail into a tight circle.

How to Make a Ballet Bun 3

Use hair pins all around the coil to secure it to the rest of the hair. Slide each pin through the outer part of the coil, then into the base of the bun.

How to Make a Ballet Bun 4

Wrap a fine hair net around the bun. Keep twisting and wrapping so that the hair net tightly secures the bun. Add a few more pins if necessary.

How to Make a Ballet Bun 5

With long thick hair, you may end up with a bun that will protrude too much. A flatter bun is preferable. To flatten, remove all pins; the hair net will hold the bun. Then flatten the bun and re-pin all around the bun.

How to Make a Ballet Bun 6

The finished Ballet Bun – ready for dancing!

MDDCDance Summer School

Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre Lessons in Liverpool

Are you aged 10 – 16?

Are you passionate about DANCE and DRAMA?

Then the MDDC Summer School will be a treat for your dancing feet!

When is it on?

Starting on Monday 26th July and finishing with an in-house performance on Friday 30th July, this intensive week of dance and drama training will be a treat for your dancing feet.

What will I learn?

Throughout the week you’ll receive intensive dance instruction in Ballet, Tap and Jazz. On top of that there will also be Musical Theatre instruction to really give your drama and singing talents a lift.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book early to avoid disappointment – the MDDC Summer School is a popular start to the summer holidays and gets full very quickly.

How do I book?

Download an MDDC Summer School Application Form.

Or you can email us:

Or call on 0151 207 6197

Full-board, chaperoned accommodation is also available. Call us now for further details.

Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre Open Day 2010

Download the poster here.