Recycled Dancing

And by that I don’t mean pinching someone else’s choreography. What I mean is the gig at the Echo Arena went very well and…I was very impressed by their recycling. There are bins everywhere to collect plastic bottles, cans, cups…and the wind turbines outside generate some electricity from the Westerlies that course up the Mersey. What a great example of recycling on-the-go!

Now the gig –

While Dancing on Ice might be a bit difficult for some (10 of out 10 for comedy Mr Carty – it was one of the highlights of our Sunday!) our 3rd years found dancing on sand to be a bit of challenge. The opening performance of the British Supercross at the Echo Arena went down a storm with the audience. Performing to “Let Me Entertain You” they certainly did! The British Supercross organisers wanted a repeat performance at the O2 next Saturday but, alas and woe, the MDDCDancers are already booked – for a 60th birthday party!

Helping students to achieve a greater sense of professionalism is one of the goals of MDDC and performing in front of Arena crowds and birthday parties, corporate events and golf club nights really refines those skills. Stretching our boundaries as well as stretching our muscles means we can connect with more people and present a more professional performance; we understand the audiences’ expectations and fulfil them. Like Ray Quinn – cheeky, chappy scouser on The X Factor made it real to James Morrison’s track on Sunday’s Dancing on Ice – professional to the last.


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