Wobbling on Ice!

A wobbly performance from Ray on Sunday…but then again, the choreography for his performances seems to be more complex

It might have been a less confident performance on Sunday’s Dancing on Ice for Ray Quinn but his routines seem to be more complex. Maybe the grounding he has in dance has stood him in good staid for this show. His core strength – so very important for every dancer and ice skater – is very evident, a testament to how much he listened and applied his learning in the classes at MDDC.

Fitness and core strength are two aspects of a well-rounded dancer that MDDC focus on throughout the three years of the Performance and Teaching in Dance and Musical Theatre diplomas.

Without these essential characteristics a dancer will not be able to achieve all that he or she hopes for in their career. And of course, when a performance career has ended the knowledge an MDDC student has about core strength and its importance can be passed on to the next generation of dancers.


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