MDDCFacebookers: How to stay in contact, part 1

…with ex-students!

I did a bit of research and found that the big thing about going to dance college is whether you are going to get a job afterwards. But when students leave how can you keep up-to-date with their careers?

Facebook has given us a way to connect with so many ex-students of Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre. As a new member of staff it’s amazing to hear what they’ve all been up to since they left. Many of them are still dancing and performing in shows all over the world, many more have finished their performance career and have set up their own dance schools. A smaller number have gone on to second careers in other industries.

But the one thing that is consistent with them all is what a great time they had at MDDC. The testimonies of ex-students has really shown what an excellent teaching base MDDC has. All the students have so many great memories of their time at MDDC and seeing the old photos is a blast!

MDDC are thinking of having a reunion and the initial thoughts of the Facebookers seems to be that it would be a GREAT IDEA!

So, if you want to keep in touch with ex-students get WEB CONNECTED. It’s the easiest way of finding out how people are doing in the far-flung places a dancing career can take you too. Amazing to think you can learn to dance and train to teach dancing and end up, after travelling the world, setting up your own dance school on the other side of the world.

Congratulations to all the MDDC graduates – let’s hope we can stay in better contact now.

If you’re an ex-MDDC-er and on Facebook – become a friend: Mddc Dance

See Part 2 of this exploration here.


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