Do you Tweet Tweet?: How to stay in contact, part 2

Getting back on the subject of staying connected…I’ve been playing with Twitter this week. And while it is essentially a Facebook-status-live-feed update I have really begun to see how useful an application this is for communication.

I scrolled through some of the many thousands of people who use this simple but incredibly perfect communication tool before coming across this by Marco Gervasio.

This fine thought applies to every part of our lives. Ask yourself when performing:

Am I real? Am I feeling the emotion represented by this movement, this music?
Am I creative? Am I putting all of that emotion into every moment when performing?
Do you share? Do you convey this emotion to the audience?

Thinking about armlines and weight shifts is all well and good, but what do these movements represent? What emotion do they carry with them? Connecting to your emotional well in order to perform better is a matter of getting real. Without the connection to the truth of the emotion you can never hope to convince an audience by your performance. But first you must connect to your own emotion, take responsibility for your own feelings, admit them, connect.

The first few posts on this blog have been a huge learning curve here at MDDCHQ. Keep checking back as we have a program of tips and how to’s…coming up.

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