MDDCShowcase 2009 a Huge Success

You’ve probably guessed if you are a regular visitor to the blog that I have no problem blowing the MDDCDancers trumpet. But on the 21st and 22nd May 2009 in the little old Crosby Civic Hall the current students of MDDC brought the house down!

They took to the stage with relish for the 1st half – Guys and Dolls – with outstanding performances from Katie Baldwin and Michael McGinn as Miss Adelaide and Nathan Detroit.

But really, the true evidence of a professional performer is being able to stay in the moment even when the spotlight is on somebody else. And that’s just what every single cast member did. The ensemble pieces were flawless and the pick pockets at the race track had me falling off my chair with laughter!

The 2nd half comprised of 24 dance pieces. It showed the full range of MDDCDancers potential, from national to tap, ballet to modern, right through to hip hop, jazz and contemporary. Each year getting a chance to show just how talented they are.

I’m no dancer and wouldn’t know a penchee from a fuete, and in the past a night watching a dance performance would not have seemed the best way to spend an evening. But I’ve been converted!

Bring it on for the next show!

Did you see the show? What’s your review? Leave comments below.


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