Have You Caught the Tap Dance Bug?

Adult Tap Dancing for fun and fitness...it works!

It’s been frenetic at MDDC since Christmas. First there was the March show (which was Abbalicious in case you missed it!), then ex-student Ray Quinn won Dancing on Ice leaving just six weeks to prepare, rehearse and perform the MDDCShowcase 2009 featuring Guys and Dolls – and that’s not mentioning the exams!

Now there’s only 10 days to get your tap shoes on for either one class or a full day of tap dance workshops with Tap Attack!

Whether you’re Grade 3 or a complete Tapaholic there’ll be something for you on June 7th. Rushing back from engagements in Europe and the Far East, Tap Attack is looking forward to being at MDDC again.

Jo Scanlan: “The last time we came up to Liverpool we had a phenomenal response and a great day was had by all the Tap Dancers. This year we’re really excited to be back in Liverpool once more – the city is a hotbed of talent producing some of the finest performers in dance, drama and singing.”

Jo is renowned as being one of the fastest tappers in the world and is continually pushing the boundaries of all types of tap dance. MDDC are looking forward to welcoming the Tap Attack team back to the studios.

Prices and booking information can be found on the Tap Attack website.


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