About The Author

I’ve got two left feet but that doesn’t stop the very nice people at Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre in Liverpool letting me work in their office! Not that I’m any good at working in their office either…but at least they’ve got a nice voice to answer the phone.

I co-ordinate the on-line prescence of MDDC and the MDDCDancers. Videos can be seen here on YouTube, and you can become a friend on Facebook.

Do you Tweet, Tweet? Follow MDDCDance on Twitter here…

My favourite place outside work!

In a small room, a tiny mind expands...

Information about my life away from MDDC can be found at The Cloud Factory.

One response to “About The Author

  1. Wow – those walls look gorgeous! curvaceous, graceful, luxurious, tempting, – bit like you really – loved your tap dance blog! wish I could join in! maybe we can salsa and tap dance in the same room sometime!
    keep the Inca Trail in mind – wouldn’t it be wilde?? xxxx

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