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The end of another year

Exams are pretty much over as the graduating class of 2010 gets ready for their ceremony tomorrow.

Congratulations to all the third years who are leaving after their (arduous!) three years of training. And already there’s good news.

Rose Buckmaster started dancing at the age of four. She chose to come to MDDC for the wide range of subjects to qualify as a dance teacher. And before she’s even graduated there is a job lined up in Majorca that will kick-start Rose’s dancing career.

Alyssa Stott is off to Egypt with Dolce Vienna Entertainment. She started dancing as soon as she could walk and says that “MDDC is the best for dance teaching and dance performance training”.

We wish all the third years the very best as they start their dance careers. Don’t forget to keep in touch and let us know what you get up to!

Wobbling on Ice!

A wobbly performance from Ray on Sunday…but then again, the choreography for his performances seems to be more complex

It might have been a less confident performance on Sunday’s Dancing on Ice for Ray Quinn but his routines seem to be more complex. Maybe the grounding he has in dance has stood him in good staid for this show. His core strength – so very important for every dancer and ice skater – is very evident, a testament to how much he listened and applied his learning in the classes at MDDC.

Fitness and core strength are two aspects of a well-rounded dancer that MDDC focus on throughout the three years of the Performance and Teaching in Dance and Musical Theatre diplomas.

Without these essential characteristics a dancer will not be able to achieve all that he or she hopes for in their career. And of course, when a performance career has ended the knowledge an MDDC student has about core strength and its importance can be passed on to the next generation of dancers.

60th birthday celebrations

Not ours, but a fantastic performance for Jim’s 60th Birthday party by the MDDCDancers

Well, what can I say…the MDDCDancers outdid themselves with a cracking 30 minute cabaret show for Jim Wilde’s 60th birthday party. Jim’s love of musical theatre stems from cinema visits to see the shows of the 50’s and 60’s.

The MDDCDancers were amazed when he sang along to Bye, Bye Blackbird from Fosse and Oh, What a Beautiful Morning from his favourite Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The whole audience joined in with the Joseph Megamix…even Miss Owen…and Jim was delighted with the talent in the show.

Thanks to all those involved in creating such a polished performance and to the dancers who did themselves proud…a wonderful night for everyone.

Keep an eye on YouTube for extracts…

The performers for Jim Wilde's 60th birthday celebrations

The performers for Jim Wilde's 60th birthday celebrations